Cardiff artist 'Blaktrix' set to release new E.P on Winger Records

We are pleased to announce that Blaktrix will be releasing his new E.P 'DUMB' on Winger Records. For those that don't know, Blaktrix is a well-known emcee from Cardiff who used to release music on the infamous 'Associated Minds' record label. Flashforward to 2020 and he is back with a bang with his new 'DUMB E.P' - featuring productions from some heavyweight producers such as Brutal Ceaser, Sir Beans OBE and Indigo Chile. With additional cuts by DJ Moneyshot, DJ Jaffa and Sir Beans OBE.

If you've never heard Blaktrix's music before, be sure to check these tracks below, starting with 'No Drama' ft. Ralph Rip Shit

Blaktrix - The Classics Series - Pt. 2

Ronin from the 'Strappado Styles EP'

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