10 Welsh Hip Hop Acts To Check Out

Updated: Oct 24, 2019


Applied Science are Hip Hop duo hailing from Newport, South Wales. The duo is comprised of DJ Alkemy (left) and MC Pun-Ra (right). These guys have been smashing up the scene for a long time and are undoubtedly proffesionals in their respective crafts. They have two full length LP's 'Booze, Blues & Hip Hop' and 'We and The Devil' which are both available on DJ Alkemy also produces for a number of artists and is involved in collaborative projects such as WASP-18B with US rapper Empuls. Check them out here Pun Ra is also the frontman of the infamous band The Kennedy Soundtrack. 2. JOE DIRT

Joe Dirt. One of the illest emcee's to do it. Joe Dirt is part of the famous Squid Ninjaz Crew out of Barry Town / Cardiff. Joe's writing skills are parralell to none and he has proven himself a heavy hitter in the game with both Squid Ninjaz and as a solo artist. He has recently released his album 'Barrydockalypse'. This album is without a doubt one of the best Hip Hop albums to come out of Wales. It features production from Himself, Ral Duke (Squid Ninjaz), DJ Alkemy and Trellion. This album is a must for any Hip Hop head. Joe has also recently featured on producer Morriarchi's album 'Buggzville Sessions' alongside fellow Squid, Lou Hekla. Joe also produces under the name Toney Aux and runs WARD24Media. You can find 'Barrydockalypse' here Joe Dirt on The Hold Up Show -


Mother Fucking Wheeze Team! Wheeze Team are OG Titan Teeth, Jim Bean & DCK. The MFWT gang have been killing live shows all over the map recently. All members have previous band experience and various musical backgrounds which gives a unique feel to their music and performance. They are currently working on their debut album 'Kings of the Swamp'. You can find their music at or search 'Wheeze Team' on YouTube for videos. MFWT. Og Titan Teeth has also recently dropped the album 'King Jeremy' which you can find on SoundCloud. 4. CONRAD STONE

Conrad has been putting in work for some time now. He has many talents in both rapping and songwriting, blending his styles together to create a distinctive sound. Whether spitting bars or delivering melodic, often soothing chorus', Conrad never dissapoints. He has released the EP's 'Before I Wake' and 'Time in Motion' which we definitely suggest you check out! He is also part of the 'Rogue Ethic' collective. He has also recently dropped the singles 'Rekky' and 'Say Something' which you can stream on all major platforms. Before I Wake EP - Time in Motion EP - Rekky Music Video - 5. THE PRIDE - (Rufus Mufasa/JameyP/Enbe/Sub-Kon/Twammers)

The Pride are a newly formed collective out of Cardiff. The Pride features the well known artists Rufus Mufasa, Jamey P, Enbe, Sub-Kon & Twammers. The album is a journey through many styles of music and has an almost dystopian vibe to it. It is produced entirely by Jamey P. Definitely one to sit down and absorb! Rufus Mufasa also has a solo album produced by Jamey, 'Fur Coats From The Lions Den' which has recieved much praise since its release. Watch out for this lot! The Pride - Magic & Molecules Rufus Mufasa - Fur Coats From The Lions Den 6. SPACED APES

Spaced Apes are Crakajak & Gwonsun. A Swansea/Cardiff based Hip Hop duo who have been eating up mics all across the landscape of Wales recently. They are part of the SA Collective. Hit them up on Facebook at 'Spaced Apes'. 7. DEFECTS OF THE DOCK

Hailing from Pembroke Dock are Defects Of The Dock. A new duo consisting of Doc Teej and Conk. These guys have been respresenting for the music scene in Pembrokeshire for many years. As well as their own music they put on showcase nights under the 'Useless Generation' banner. These guys have been proving themselves live on the microphone so we are very keen to hear what they have been cooking up behind closed doors! Check them out on FB, Insta and all that jazz! 8. MR PHORMULA

Mr Phormula is a beatboxer, rapper and producer from North Wales. His credits are a long list. He is bilingual and raps in both Welsh and English, and producing all of his music himself, often incorporating his very talented beatboxing skills into the mix. He reguarly competes at World Class beatboxing competitions and has respresented Wales on a charity driven single featuring 14 rappers from across the world, including KRS-One. He has also collaborated with UK heavyweights such as Leaf Dog, Dr Syntax, BVA, SonnyJim, Rufus Mufasa and more. You can find his music on BandCamp, Spotify etc and his videos on YouTube. 9. LUKE RV

Luke RV is a Neath raised, now Cardiff based rapper, who has recently released the very impressive 7 track 'Valley Boy' record. Features include Conrad Stone & Local. He recently played a great set at one of our Winger Records nights in Swansea and killed it. You can find his project on all streaming platforms, and check out the single 'Breathe Deep' ft. Local here - 'Stuck' music video - New video for 'Coal' ft. Conrad Stone is incoming!


DJ Jaffa has been been DJ'ing since 1985. He has performed live in Spain, Germany, China, Belgium, Germany and New York. He has supported legendary acts such as Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash, Snoop Dogg, Kool Keith, Jungle Brothers, Public Enemy...the list goes on. He is without a doubt an absolute heavyweight in the scene and one of the illest on the wheels of steal! You can find him usually performing on the Cardiff music circuit and you can find his mixes on his mixcloud here - Big up Jaffa! Shouts to everyone doing their thing!! Love, Winger Records.

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