A few minutes with Winger Records artist Boofy from Llanelli

Q: How’s it going bei? A: S'appening bey? Q: Where would you say your biggest influences come from? A: I got alot of influences, obviously west coast hip hop classics and the new stuff. Nas, Wu tang and all the east coast classics too. Terra Firma as far as the UK goes. Q: What’s the best and worst thing about Llanelli? A: I genuinely like being from Llanelli, I find it a fun place to live. Amongst the bad stuff that goes on here, there are a lot of good people here too, the people I'd say are the best. They know how to have a good time for sure. Worst thing I'd say is the probably the poverty and everything that comes with that. There alot of kids with parents with drink and drug problems here, homelessness. Kids not finishing education coz they've got more pressing issues in they're lives. Not to dwell on it tho. We make the best out of what we got. Q: You have a tendency for laid back west coast beats, are there any current west coast artists you would recommend to people? A: The west coast is on fire so much at the moment it's actually sad to not see some of them get the international shine they deserve. G perico, Jay worthy, A.d., one take jay, saviii 3rd, az chike, almighty suspect, frosty da snowmann. I could go on for a while. I keep tabs on west coast hip hop, from the more well known signed artists to the local neighbourhood sensations. Q: If you could make an album with any producer, who would be? A: That's a tough one man, there's so many I like. Dream choice would probably be Erick sermon or D.j. Quik. Q: Best pub in Llanelli? A: The Rolling Mill Q: What was your first experiences of Welsh Hip Hop? A: There used to be this extreme sports show on (I think) ITV Wales late at night back in the day, I remember seeing guys like Ralph Rip Shit and Mudmowth on there. I just started to get into UK hip hop at the time so was intrigued to see hip hop artists from Wales on there. I didn't have internet at the time so couldn't look them up, but did a little bit later on. Not long after that I remember DJ Semtex playing 'they ain't ready' by Humurak D. Gritty on 1xtra, looked the video up on YouTube and stuff. Remember thinking at the time that song set the standard for Welsh hip hop. Q: Last album you bought? A: Ten-eight by G perico Q: What dish are you best at cooking? A: I'm not a bad cook to be fair, used to work in a kitchen so know a few nice dishes. But I always have to go back to the good old curry noodles with bread and butter. (Super noodles if your feeling extravagant) Q: Whose your favourite comedian? A: I don't watch TV much, used to like Al Murray and Jimmy Carr. I hear Boris Johnson is doing his thing now though. Q: When did you write your first rap? A: Around 2005/2006. Them early ones were trash lol. Q: What artist would you like to see live the most? A: Probably Nas or Snoop dogg Q: Simpsons or South Park? A: Simpsons Q: Tea or Coffee? A: Tea (no sugar) Q: Stella or Heineken? A: Ain't fussed on either, but Heineken if I had to choose. Q: You’ve got an album your currently working on, can you tell us anything about it? A: Yeah man, its called Inabitnow. All the songs are completed for it. Just working on the skits and interludes and it's a wrap. There's all sorts of stuff on there, I wanted to mix it up a bit. There's party songs, introspective songs, story telling, concept songs on there, all over funky production. For the most part I wanted to make project you can have a good time to. Thanks for your time bei. Likewise bei. Find Boofy's music and videos on the Winger Records YouTube Channel - Boofy on Facebook - Boofy on Soundcloud - Boofy on Twittter - Boofy3 Boofy on Instagram - @llcoolbey

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