Q&A w/ Defects of the Dock

5 minutes with rap-duo Defects of the Dock -- (Doc TeeJ and KonK)

Q: Where are you guys from? A: Pembroke Dock, end of the line. Q: What were your earliest musical influences? Konk: From rolling around in a field in front of a fat stack, to being at a low in life and finding Hip-Hop which gave me the urge to write. Quite good with the oldies as well.. Doc TeeJ: Some really horrible Pop-Punk and System of a Down, until I found Hip-Hop in which I’ve been lost in ever since. Q: Who's your favourite artist (s) at the moment? Doc TeeJ: At the minute, Kenny Beats and a lot of the artists he is working with are In my routine rotation. Konk: Apart from Defects of the Dock, The Sleaford Mods, the Vultures.. the list goes on. Q: Do you have any releases or gigs coming up? A: Due to this fucking corona hoo-haa, unfortunately, nobody can play gigs which sucks, but on the bright side we have our debut release ‘Dockin In’ dropping on the 3rd of April along with a healthy stack of merch and videos to ride alongside! Q: What’s your favourite show you’ve played? Konk: Support for Chase and Status in Eddies as major hype from a new crowd equaled one hell of a banging night. Doc TeeJ: Boomtown 2019 @ Dubtendo stage, our 2nd year playing the cooked city. A wave of Pembrokeshire heads turned out to support and got showed some love by some leading artists in the UK underground scene. Q: What's your pint of choice when you go to the pub? Konk: Cheap. Cold. Carling. Sided with a double Rum and Lemonade..Hold the ice. Doc TeeJ: Don’t drink and drive smoke and fly.. as my old taxi driver used to tell me. Q: What venue would you like to play the most? A: As long as there is a good crowd and good energies, it could be on the street for all we care - but the main stage at a festival would be nice like aha. Q: What’s your favourite festival to go to? Konk: Not many to choose from myself so BoomTown has to be the obvious choice, what an adventure. Doc TeeJ: BoomTown for the absolute carnage that ensues before, during and after dark, But BoomBap for the pure community vibes that everyone brings, all being there for one reason. Q: Who are your top 3 favourite producers? Doc TeeJ: Kenny Beats, GhostTown & Don Piper all GOAT status in my opinion. Konk: Andrew Fearne from Sleaford Mods but apart from that I don’t really follow the production side very closely. Q: Is Glen really the best MC in Pembrokeshire? A: Yes, not lyrically but sets pace and vibe. An absolute showerman. Q: Where can we find your music, links etc? A: At the time of this writing, we don’t currently have any music out, but as previously mentioned we have our debut project dropping on the 3rd of April as a free download via our BandCamp, or streamable through SoundCloud and DatPiff. w/ videos being hosted on the Useless Generation YouTube channel; Useless TV. Thanks lads! Big up You can connect with the Defects at -

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