Q&A w/ DJ Alkemy

A quick chat with DJ Alkemy (Applied Science, The Hold Up, WASP18-B and more)

Q: How's it going bei?

A: This isolation thing is pretty standard for me so I've just been on the beats as usual. Q: How is Newport dealing with the Apocolypse? A marginal change I'm guessing? A: Haha. I'd say so. I live in Pontypool now so I won't be venturing into The Port for the foreseeable future. Q: What were your formative musical influences? A: I was a huge Michael Jackson fan at a young age but found Hip-Hop when I was about 10. My cousin was a B-Boy so he got me into stuff like Eric B & Rakim at a young age along with the early Electro Street sounds releases. I've been obsessed with Hip-Hop ever since. Q. And what music is inspiring you the most currently? A: I'm actually in a Prog Rock phase. Searching and finding tons of great music from that genre from all over the world. So much great musicality in a lot of it. Great for sampling too Q. I went Into a USSR prog-rock rabbit hole myself when I first got my Roland. What is your favourite alcoholic beverage? A: Stella and Spiced Rum. Not together though. In fact......nah, not together. Q: What drink makes you think less of someone when you see them drink it? A: Carling. Piss water what it is. I'm looking at you Dean "Dickdastardly" Thomas. Q: That's number Wang! You have won a holiday to Barbados for you and one Stella drinking friend. A: Pun it is! Q. I know you collaborate with some American artists, how did that come about and how do you find working with people through the Internet? A: I got introduced to Empuls through Human Cannon, a great beatmaker from South Wales and have just built up links through either approaching or getting approached by other artists. Working over the internet is super handy although I do miss being in the studio with the artist as it can give you a more close vibe and you can get to know the person better which can make for better music I think. Q: For real. Good time for Internet collaboration though! Which artists music do you hate who you know personally? .. (don't be a pussy) A: hahaha. Not a chance. All I'll say is, a lot of people's music isn't for my taste at all. Like mine not be for them. I won't ever sugar coat anything if I'm asked by the artist themselves but yeah, I want no part of "scene politics", just gets in the way of creating with people I DO rate. Q: Had to have a go haha. If you could give some terrible advice to an up and coming artist what would it be? A: Do what everyone else is doing musically, to fit in. Or pay to get your music views and numbers up as it's a good look. Q: Favourite comedian? A: 3 way tie between Richard Pryor, Doug Stanhope and Mitch Hedberg. Q: Starting to make more and more sense why we get on. Thanks for taking the time mate, any last words, shout outs or plugs? A: Fuck no. Q: Thanks mate hope you enjoy the rest of the Apocolypse. A: Haha. You too. Saaaaafety.

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