Welsh Hip Hop Acts to Check Out Pt. 2


Brave Mugraw has recently released his 15 track album '15 to Infinity'. This album is very dope. 15 songs, no features, just Mugraw going in heavy with the lyrics and tapping into to a lot of topics and things personal to him. You can stream it on Spotify, or buy the full digital album for only £2! TWO QUID. Bargain. Go check this out. 2. FERNY MAC

Ferny Mac is an Emcee, Beatboxer and Producer from Cardiff. He is known as part of the Dope Biscuits crew with Jamey P and Rufus Mufasa. Ferny has been on the scene for some time and has without a doubt proved his skills in many aspects of the music world! You can find his work at and also on YouTube, SoundCloud etc! 3. CRAZETHEJACK

CrazeTheJack is a Swansea born and bred rapper and producer who livens up every party when he picks up the mic. His live show is very well executed, which we found out after his first appearance at a Winger Records night. He produces a lot of his own material and he does it well, with variety between slammin' boom-bap beats to more downtempo songs and lots in-between! His album 'Kalaeidoscope' made the list for the Welsh Music Prize 2019. You can find that LP and more on Spotify! 4. BARDD

Bardd is the combination of Spoken Word Artist Martin Daws (Young People's Laureate Wales 2013-16), legendary Emcee, Beatbox and Live Looper Mr Phormula (Double Wales Beatbox Champion) and outstanding multi-instrumentalist Henry Horrell (Guitars/Keys/Violin). We recently caught these guys live in Llanelli and thoroughly enjoyed their live show. The combination of instrumentation and vocals made a great performance and these guys have a lot of fun with the crowd. They have an EP 'Together' out now! Go check them out. 5. SUBWAY SAFARI

Subway Safari are a Hip Hop/Punk/Rock (and the rest) band based in Oslo, Norway. With the majority of the band being Norwegian, the frontman Chief is from Cwmbran, South Wales - so we think that makes them eligible for the list! These guys absolutely rock live, and thanks to them, Culture Vultures performed 3 shows in Oslo in 2015 (including one with the Frank Znort Quartet). The Safari Crew have recently released an EP entitled 'Hot Knives' which you can stream on Spotify, and also check our other releases such as 'Life Sessions' and more. 6. TURNA PHRASE

Turna Phrase is a Cardiff based Emcee he is without a doubt very dope with it. He's a very intricate lyricist and obviously takes a lot of time in perfecting and crafting his words. We hear he's been working on some new material so we're very eager for the release of that. You can find some of his work on / YouTube 'Turna Phrase' 7. LEWS TEWNS

Lews Tewns, of the infamous Wonky Wax Label and 'The Headcase Ladz' with Dekmasha Slice and Nobbsta Nutts. These guys are fully representative of their backgrounds in South Wales and a very early influence on us and a lot of artists from surrounding areas. In the noughties they performed on ITV, S4c and many media outlets and travelled the land smashing up shows. Their LP 'Poverty Is Thirsty Work' and others still remain classic. Lews Tewns has recently released an old album, for the first time, which you can find here - also check out Lews Tewns and Mr Phormula's collab album from 2007. Wicked stuff. Big up the Wonky headz. 8. LOCAL

Local is a Cardiff emcee who first came to our attention after hearing him on Luke RV's track 'Breathe Deep. Local is a versatile emcee who rhymes over hip hop, grime, garage, you name it! He has recieved a lot of attention with his and Jaykae's collaboration 'Chat', following up with some solo singles, 'Cheers' and 'This Time of Morning'. Check out his 'Fat Ronaldo' album here >> To be continued... Winger

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